These are traditional power looms,or called handlooms in U.S.A.,suitable to weave the popular silk fabrics with a lower cost in the labour.

A team of power looms.

One worker often operates 6 - 8 sets.

Materials selection.

Before the production,we must select different quality(Grade,sizes,producer) material for the different products,to do so is the best way to insure the quality of fabric.

Weft seedtime

Warp seedtime

Weaving phase

After the seedtime of warp and weft,into this phase.

This kinds fabrics called raw silk fabrics,can't be used by garment producers.

Raw silk fabric must be boiled off and processed,then called silk fabric boiled off ( un-dyed,un-printed).

Silk fabrics boiled off after dyeing,we call as silk fabrics dyed ( piece dyed or plain dyed ).

Silk fabrics boiled off after printing,called silk fabric printed.

You may choice screen printed,and digital printed,and so on.